general 3Spring to Winter is always an active time for leasing inquiries and it is not unusual for us to receive several a week. Recent tenants have moved from SouthMarke as their expanding businesses resulted in the need for space larger than what SouthMarke could accommodate. Ultimately, the criteria for selecting tenants is primarily based upon unique merchandise that doesn’t duplicate a concept of a current tenant and most importantly, the realistic assessment based upon our area history and demographics that a business will be successful. It is not SouthMarke’s policy to just say, “Sign on the bottom line…” and hope for the best. We enter a partnership with our tenants and it is in our mutual best interests that they are happy and do well. SouthMarke has maintained a 90% occupancy rate since its opening in May 1992 with an average tenant duration of 7 years.

Available Spaces for Lease for 2020:

SouthMarke currently has one, possibly two Pavilions and one Year Round space available for the 2020 season. This is subject to change at any time and we suggest you contact us directly to inquire about occupancy status and rental pricing.

We are unable to accept the following merchandise due to conflicts with current tenants: Jewelry, Children’s Gifts, Ladies and Mens’ Clothing & Accessories. We are looking for unique single concept businesses that are under represented in Blowing Rock. In addition, we are unable to accept any CBD related businesses or Day Spa/Personal products.

Currently there is one large, year round space available in SouthMarke as of January, 2020: 

Year-Round-UnitClick for more photos of the available Year Round Unit. This is an 1,000. sq. foot unit (#106). Same terms for merchandise concepts apply as Pavilions. We are actively seeking a high end Pet Specialty Boutique (no grooming) Art & Craft Gallery, Home Accessories, BR logo merchandise or any really unusual concept that has the potential for being successful. Minimum Three year Lease -Year Round Operating Requirement. Financial Terms available directly with SouthMarke. Please contact Karyn Herterich at: (c) 828-265-7065 or for additional information

Year Round Units — General Information


Our research has confirmed that our rental fees are competitive with other Main Street, Blowing Rock rental properties. Rental information on a specific unit will be shared with serious inquiries after a personal conversation.

There is no monthly CAM (common area maintenance – similar to a Home Owners Association fee).

Building & Property Insurance, Real Estate Taxes and General Maintenance are included in lease payment.

Fees additional to the base rent include:

  • Monthly Co-operative Advertising Fee
  • Spring Maintenance/Landscaping Assessment (due in April)
  • Holiday Decorating Assessment (due in November)
  • These fees have not increased in the past decade and there are no plans currently to reassess them.
  • Tenant’s individual signage per center specifications is at tenant’s expense as is their own liability and contents insurance.

2017_snow_1Pavilions — General Information

Beginning January 1st of each year, existing pavilions have first right of refusal on lease renewal. To inquire about pavilion leasing, please contact us after January 1st.

  • There are six seasonal pavilions to feature specialty merchandise on SouthMarke property. One of these is dedicated exclusively and by zoning permit to Food service.
  • Pavilions are open during high season, May through October allowing operators to maximize on highest selling season with no winter responsibilities or rent. An optional weekend rental fee for November and December is available.
  • Leases are for the entire six month season. No monthly rentals are available.

Basic information on our center and its leasing policies is as follows:

  • SouthMarke in unable to accept any duplications of merchandise concepts offered by current tenants. We are unable to accept the following merchandise due to conflicts with current tenants: Jewelry; Children’s Gifts; Ladies and Mens’ Clothing & Accessories; and any CBD or Day Spa related businesses. We are looking for unique single concept businesses that are under represented in Blowing Rock.
  • All year round units are under minimum of three year leases which generally begin and end in Spring.
  • Main, all year units are 1,000 Sq. feet (the tower units are about 85 sq. feet larger) Footprint dimensions are: 24’ wide by 42’ in length. Ceilings are 10’ high. All units have high efficiency HVAC, thermal windows, a private restroom facility within their space, rear doors and a reserved on premise parking space.
  • Leases mandate minimum operation hours & schedules. Although they change slightly to follow shifting seasonal traffic patterns, they generally operate 10:00 AM- to 6:00 Pm, Monday through Saturday and Sundays 1:00 PM -5:00 PM.
  • January through March, stores may opt to close Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays.

general 2Contact Information:

The MontSol Corporation/SouthMarke
Street address: 1179 Main Street, Blowing Rock, NC 28605
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 689, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

PH: 828-295-3566
Mobile: 828-265-7065 – Karyn Herterich
This information is current as of May 2019..